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E-Training for Global Enterprises


Empower Your Workforce

To be successful, a global enterprise needs a great workforce. Hero MT creates full-service e-training platforms to ensure your workers reach their potential. With our educational expertise, we evaluate your training needs to develop custom solutions. Whether you need our e-learning platform in the cloud, virtual reality simulations, or offline courses, we’ll take care of your training needs. Transform your employees into heroes with the help of Hero MT.


A Private Online University for Your Organization

With Hero MT’s e-learning platform, your workers get everything they need in one place. Your curriculum is organized into courses, similar to popular learning sites like EdX or Coursera. Some features include: 

  • Learner progress tracking
  • Interactive lessons and assessment
  • Competencies and unique badges

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Engaging Learning Activities

Hero MT produces vibrant learning activities. We can transform your existing materials or create original content. Some memorable formats include interactive videos, drag-and-drop quizzes, branching stories, and much more.

Interactive Videos

Learners answer comprehension questions as they view training videos.

Drag and Drop Quizzes

Learners demonstrate their knowledge in stimulating ways.

Branching Storylines

Learners explore different ways to handle workplace scenarios.


Monitoring the Learning Process

With Hero MT’s system, a trainer can administer and monitor your global workforce. Detailed reports help trainers follow their learners’ progress and determine which content areas need more focus.


Hero MT is designed for global companies. We take care that things are not lost in translation when delivering training all over the globe.


Your organization’s workers can share their expertise in each course’s forums. This helps build community as well as knowledge.


Sending trainers all over the world is expensive. With Hero MT’s system, your content experts can deliver their expertise from headquarters. That results in tremendous savings.

Open Computing

Hero MT builds its systems from Moodle, the world’s most-used and most-trusted learning management system. It’s also open-source, which means your solution can be readily maintained.


Functionality can be easily added by us or your own trainers through the use of plug-ins. Thousands of plug-ins are actively maintained and available, including functionality such as live video.


Your training system can be accessible to only your employees. The code is actively maintained and monitored for any security vulnerabilities.


Hosted in the Cloud

Hero MT works together with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Their vast cloud networks allow us to deliver content to your workers all over the globe using the closest routes possible. We can ensure that your learning platform is blazingly fast, has maximum uptime and is easily scalable.


EC2 instances with optional load-balancing and auto-scaling hosted on the world’s state-of-the-art networking platform.


Grouped VM instances hosted on Google’s high-performance and carbon-neutral infrastructure. 

View the Demo

You can see the e-training platform for an example company. Just click below for a functioning platform with a demo course that showcases various learning interactions.


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